Phantom of the neighbourhood

The doctoral thesis "Phantom of the neighbourhood" by Lars Brännström has a cover photo by Donald Helander. We actually hadn't pinpointed exactly where the photo was taken. But by identifying images before and after this photo on the film strip, we were able to locate the part of Stockholm were it was taken. The curiosity of Lars Brännström made him walk around in the area until he found the street on the photo.  It was taken on Kammakargatan between nr 9 and 22 facing west. The next street crossing Kammakargatan, behind the cars on the left side, is Sveavägen. In 2006 Jesper and Stefan Helander visited the street and took some photos showing the same angle 40 years later.


Kammakargatan 1966. Copyright Donald Helander.
Kammakargatan 2006-03-30. Copyright Stefan Helander.
Kammakargatan 1966.
© Donald Helander
Kammakargatan 2006-03-30.
© Stefan Helander


Phantom of the neighbourhood by Lars Brännström



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